On-The-Job Training Program

United Way of Long Island On-The-Job Training Program is designed to provide continued employment and training for YouthBuild graduates in an apprenticeship dynamic. Alumni will be able to continue learning on live construction worksites within local communities under the close supervision of skilled staff and crew chiefs. This apprenticeship will assist graduates to establish themselves as local weatherization contractors and enhance their marketability to potential industry-related employers.

Services through United Way’s On-The-Job Training Program will be available to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations operating homes in low and moderate-income areas. The weatherization modifications made to these homes through this program will significantly reduce utility costs associated with owning and operating these properties.

Weatherization modifications provided to qualified residences through the program include: an energy audit of the home to identify specific needs; air-sealing, blowing cellulose and dense packing walls and ceilings in attics and basements; weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows; replacement or repair of storm windows; adding weather stripping and door sweeps to exterior doors; and installing CFL light bulbs. Services may also include other improvements such as ensuring that all dwelling units receive smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Trainees in this program will have access to successional career pathways and additional training opportunities though partner organizations. The latest credentials and certificates will be available for continuing education and career development.

United Way’s Green Energy partners include the U.S. Green Building Council, RESNET, Building Performance Institute and Energy Star Homes.

For more information on United Way of Long Island’s Green Energy Initiatives, contact Elaine Kaleta, Program Coordinator, Green Initiatives, at 631.940.3721.