Team Mission United

Congratulations to Team Mission United on completing the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon

The TCS New York City Marathon represents the best of New York—when all New Yorkers come together to support each other and cheer on their neighbors. For the seventh year, United Way of Long Island was selected as a charity partner for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon. United Way of Long Island’s Team Mission United runners finished the 26.2-mile course, raising over $34,000 in support of U.S. military veterans and their families on Long Island. Every runner has their own unique story for why they run.


Christine finished her first ever marathon first among the Mission United Team runners in three and a half hours. As a former D1 athlete, running the NYC Marathon had always been on her bucket list. Christine knew training for the marathon would take dedication and sacrifice, especially after breaking her back in 2016, but her inspiration was the Long Island veterans who dedicated their lives to protecting our country. “The Mission United cause holds an important place in my heart and supports veterans who gave so much for our country. Showcasing my effort toward training lets me teach my three young boys what giving back means,” Christine said.

Alex, of Borg & Borg Insurance, completed his third marathon in under three hours and 34 minutes. He is a proud long time board member of many civic associations and non-profit service organizations. “My inspiration to run the New York City Marathon is the unwavering discipline of our veterans.” Alex tries to instill the positive dedication and altruistic sacrifice of “others before self” to his children. “It kept me motivated and energized to train and compete.”

Justin, a long-time distance runner and Salesperson at eXp Realty, timed in at three hours and 46 minutes beating his previous personal best. He has continuously challenged himself post high school and college cross country and has run several marathons and an unofficial ultra-marathon. “Anyone who selflessly serves our country deserves to live comfortably within it, just like the people they protect,” said Justin. “Thank you to United Way of Long Island for the opportunity to raise funds for Mission United in support of Long Island veterans. Your platform provided me an opportunity to have this wonderful experience, and I am eternally grateful.”

Lisa, a previous Team Mission United marathon runner and National Grid Lead Gas System Operator, finished the race in four hours and five minutes. Lisa ran cross country at SUNY Maritime and upon graduation, became a civil contractor for the U.S. Navy. Her husband is in the Merchant Marine Reserves, and she has many other family members in the military. For Lisa, Mission United and the NYC marathon was as much a family affair as it was to support her fellow service members. “My kids have seen me working hard to train. I often had them both in a double stroller during my runs, and my three-year-old son would yell, ‘Go faster, Mom!’ When I crossed the finish line, it was so exciting for all of us.” Lisa said, “Supporting the miliary is so important to me. That’s why it’s so special that doing what I love, running in the NYC marathon, will also provide much-needed funds for the local veteran community.”

Andrew, a former high school and college runner, completed the race in four hours and 18 minutes. He is a National Grid engineer and a Naval Reservist, originally from Colorado, who joined the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy here on Long Island, where he met his wife and built a family. “I wanted to run in support of Mission United because I believe in the value that its various programs provide to veterans,” Andrew said. “Adjusting back to civilian life and continuing to provide for their families can be difficult, so veterans should have the best support possible. Not only is this important for veterans themselves, but also for society. I wanted to take this opportunity to help contribute and build awareness for this cause.”

Thomas, an Army mechanic turned engineer at CPI Aerostructures crossed the finish line in less than four hours and 45 minutes. Thomas served in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade as a helicopter crew chief and an in-flight mechanic for six years. Upon active-duty retirement, he continued to serve as a civilian employee on the Army base in Afghanistan. When he returned to the States, Thomas struggled to make his military skills useful in the traditional workplace. He ran to help other veterans acclimate to their surroundings post-active duty. As he describes, “there’s an awkward transition period from military lifestyle to civilian lifestyle. So many organization, such as United Way of Long Island, that supports that transition is a needed resource.”

Robert, a certified architect at Bobby K Architects and volunteer EMT/firefighter, clocked in at five hours and 17 minutes. After being inspired by David Goggin’s Can’t Hurt Me, Robert was inspired by how resilient the human body is and took on the challenge of running marathons. Through running, he believes people can learn a tremendous amount of information about their mind, body, and soul. “I ran the 2023 New York City Marathon with Team Mission United to show his gratitude for our veterans and their sacrifices to our country.”

Richard, a Senior Business Sales Manager at Enterprise, completed the marathon in five and a half hours. Richard started running in 2013 when his sister said that he couldn’t beat her in a half marathon and the rest is history. He made his return to the NYC Marathon after a 5-year hiatus, due to becoming a proud father to his daughter, and on the 10-year anniversary of his first full Marathon. “I was extremely excited to partner up with Team Mission United to help raise money for an amazing cause and cross that finish line one more time!”

Liam, a Relationship manager at Fidelity Investments, crossed the finish line of his first marathon in under six hours and 15 minutes. He started running during COVID-19 to stay in shape and began challenging himself to run long distance runs and was inspired by his mother who also ran marathons. It meant a lot to Liam to run for veterans. “My mom volunteers at the Harry Chapin Long Island Cares Food Bank on Tuesdays, and Tuesdays are dedicated to all veterans,” said Liam “My grandpa had served in the army, serving as another inspiration for me to run and happily contribute to United Way’s Mission United.”

Alma, a Freeport Elementary School Principal, finished her 32nd marathon in six hours and 47 minutes. "The first time I ran the Long Island Half Marathon was the first time I saw veterans running with just one limb,” Alma said. “In Mexico where I grew up, war wasn’t something I thought about often. So, when I ran the half marathon, it was real for me to see someone with a lost arm or leg. The impact that had on me to be able to come back to the world with crutches or wheelchairs takes my heart. I thought, if veterans can run this, what can I do?" Alma ran “not for recognition but to contribute to United Way’s Mission United."

Since 2016, Team Mission United has raised more than $200,000 for veterans through runners’ participation in the TCS New York City Marathon. To participate in this once-in-a-lifetime race, each Team Mission United member made a minimum fundraising commitment of $3,000.

“We couldn’t be prouder of all the work our runners have put in throughout these past twelve months,” said Theresa A. Regnante, President and CEO of United Way of Long Island. “Our veterans across Long Island are collectively grateful for Team Mission United’s support to live healthy and productive lives and build brighter futures.”

Thank you Team Mission United, Premier Veteran Supporter Sands New York, and all our sponsors for helping United Way of Long Island connect veterans and their families to local services and resources that provide the support they deserve.


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