57 Reasons To Give

57 Reasons to Give

For 57 years, United Way of Long Island, along with our community partners, has been advancing the common good and creating opportunities for a better life for all. Contributions support Education, Financial Stability and Health. Discover why your gift matters. Read our Success Stories.




1. Your contribution can help young adults, including David, find the confidence needed to pursue a dream occupation. Please support YouthBuild of Long Island to help give the opportunity and confidence to the next generation of dreamers. 
2. Haven’t you always wanted to say thank you to those that serve our country? Give back to those who have protected our country, including Romann.  By contributing to VetsBuild, our military heroes have the opportunity to become more acclimated to life at home and gain technical job skills. 
3. The D.R.E.A.M.S. for Youth Scholarship turns young adults’ academic goals into reality. Kristyne used her scholarship when attending a four-year college and pursue her longtime goal of becoming a neuropsychologist. 
4. Meshessna, a single mother of two, benefitted greatly from Project Warmth. A heated home meant that her teenage daughters could do their homework in comfort and have friends over in a safe environment. 
5.Your contribution could help those who have been affected by natural disasters in the area. John who lost his home during Super Storm Sandy was able to stay on the property, while a new home was built for him. 
6. D.R.E.A.M.S. for Youth Scholarship recipient Toni is able to experience all college has to offer with the help from her scholarship. She is not only excelling academically, but also on the rugby field, all the while volunteering to help fight hunger.  
7.Your contribution helps young adults, like Blair, continue their education and build their career through participation in YouthBuild. 
8. Oscar, Camila G. Belser Memorial Scholarship recipient, is a psychology major at Stony Brook University. He no longer has to worry about the financial burden of completing his degree and can continue to work hard to achieve his goals. Help more students reach their academic goals with $55. 
9. Kelly, a bus accident survivor, was struggling financially and turned to Project Warmth to help keep her family warm during the winter months. Your contribution can literally help to warm someone’s day. 
10. Living in a healthy and energy efficient home built by United Way, provides comfort and safety to veterans like Jeffrey who served in the US Army. Help a soldier today with just $55.  
11. Together, we can help our neighbors in financial distress access transportation in order to attend school, work or appointments. Our partners provide low to moderate income people with emergency transportation assistance for bus fares.  
12. As a teenager and young adult, Corey found himself in trouble due to bad decisions. His life was changed by joining YouthBuild. He is now working up the ranks of Enterprise and is financially stable. Your contribution of $55 will help more students gain careers.  
13. Epiphany was diagnosed was a rare genetic condition that affects the pigmentation in her eyes. She created a non-profit, Eye Partners Inspired, and collected and distributed over 1,500 eyeglass frames to Long Island families. The Anthony J. Stupore Memorial Scholarship Fund allows Epiphany to achieve her next goal – becoming a local politician. 
14. US Army veteran Brian was looking for a way to get back on his feet and become financially independent after returning from Afghanistan. VetsBuild helped him gain technical skills in the housing industry that helped him to secure a career as an HVAC technician. He is now a proud homeowner. 
15. Your contribution could help United Way of Long Island increase our impact to change the lives of fellow community members. Programs like YouthBuild, Project Warmth, VetsBuild and Mission United help individuals become gain financial stability and become inspired to succeed. 
16. Workplace campaign partners of United Way of Long Island, exemplifies volunteerism, benefitting our community partners. One partner even held a supply drive to benefit vour community partner United Veterans Beacon House. Over 2,000 pounds of necessities were donated and delivered. Don’t have time to volunteer? Considering contributing $55 to support veterans instead. 
17. Help young adults, like John, become inspired to achieve their goals. YouthBuild helps students earn their high school equivalency diploma and apply to college. 
18. More than 30% of families on Long Island struggle to make ends meet despite living above the poverty income threshold and being gainfully employed. Extend your hand to a working family this winter by providing the gift of heat through Project Warmth. Warm a home with just $55.  
19. Healthy Kids-Healthy Families bridges the gap between eating nutritious foods and leading a healthy, active lifestyle… with an emphasis on the importance of a balanced diet, especially for growing children. Ensure that programs, like this, continue to impact the community. Contribute today. 
20. Stuff-A-Bus helps underprivileged children receive new school supplies. For 11 years the program has helped over 40,000 students on Long Island get prepared to start school. 
21. United Way’s Healthy Homes initiative focuses on creating awareness for healthy living environments and constructing homes that are energy and water efficient. These homes aren’t just beneficial to the environment, but provide veterans and people with special needs safe and affordable places to live. 
22. 211 Long Island is United Way of Long Island’s call center with trained specialists who can connect callers to local, available resources like food, shelter, career training, and even recreation opportunities. Keep 2-1-1 a resource for all by contributing $55 today.  
23. Bosede, a hard-working Freeport resident, was forced to move place to place for seven years after Super Storm Sandy destroyed her residence, all the while making mortgage payments on her house. This November, she returned to her home and has a safe roof over her head, but help is still needed. Make a house a home for the holidays…contribute $55 today. 
24. Graduates of YouthBuild are introduced to employers in their field of choice. Meet Jason, who secured a job in the HVAC industry with Quinn & Feiner Service Company. Support this life changing program today. 
25. The US Department of Energy named United Way of Long Island, the Grand Winner in the affordable home category from the Housing Innovation Awards. We’ve been selected for this prestigious award for 5 years. Help keep innovation alive with $55.  
26. Contributions like yours help young adults, including Ivan, get back on track through YouthBuild. Ivan earned his high school equivalency diploma, completed an internship, and now works alongside top-ranked researchers at Brookhaven National Labs. 

27. With Joseph’s direction, newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis patients and their families can receive support while they are going through difficult medical challenges. Joseph is a well-respected group leader for United Way’s community partner, National MS Society – Long Island Chapter. 
28. Daryl, a single father injured on the job, needed assistance during the winter months to make ends meet. Project Warmth allowed Daryl to heat his home when he was unable to pay his heating bill. Keep our community safe during cold months with a small contribution.  
29. Rosario is grateful for United Way’s community partner, Long Island Head Start, for educating her three children during early childhood years and preparing them for elementary school.  With $55 more children can attend a Head Start program allowing families to gain confidence and preparedness for Kindergarten. 
30. Rachel is pursuing her passion of keeping the earth clean and plastic-free, thanks to the D.R.E.A.M.S. for Youth Scholarship. Help us award more worthy students with college and enrichment scholarships.
31. Joshua is the first person in his family to graduate from college. He earned his B.S. degree in Business Management and is now employed full-time with the Hyatt Hotel as a Guest Service Agent. He credits YouthBuild Long Island for giving him the direction needed to begin his hospitality career. Contributing $55 ensure more young adults receive the services needed achieve academic and career success. 
32. After returning from Iraq, Matt turned to Mission United and our community partner, United Veterans Beacon House, who helped him find a long-term career path resulting in financial independence and stability.  Give today to support veterans in need.  
33. Kya found himself struggling with homelessness after a series of unfortunate events.  He turned to YouthBuild to receive career development skills and earn his high school equivalency diploma.  Contribute today to help more people get back on track.  
34. Marie used her D.R.E.A.M.S. for Youth Scholarship to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and earn her Bachelor’s degree. Today, she operates her own art studio and manages visual art programs for several organizations. Help United Way of Long Island continue to support academic and career goals. 
35. Janice, diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder (Bi-polar Type), found clinical guidance thanks to United Way’s community partner, Transitional Services of New York for Long Island Inc., who also taught her budgeting skills, money management and assisted during medical appointments. Contribute $55 to help support people like Janice.
36. Englebert grew up in a home with financial insecurity. College was not a viable option so he joined the Army. When he returned home, he joined VetsBuild to gain job skills and find a career. Today, Englebert is financially secure and can provide for his family. 
37.United Way of Long Island’s community partner, The Safe Center, helped Josephine recover from her domestic abuse. They connected her to doctors who would repair her scars. Contribute $55 today to help people like Josephine find safe shelter and overcome physical and emotional scars.  
38. Maureen lost everything when 4 feet of water flooded her home. After 6 years of frustration, unable to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, United Way of Long Island provided disaster relief, including the reconstruction of her kitchen, with funding from the Robin Hood Foundation. Maureen is now able to cook in her kitchen and celebrate the holidays with her family. 
39. Kierra was a stellar student who pursued her studies with diligence and determination, despite the tragic passing of both her parents. With aid from the Anthony J. Stupore Memorial Scholarship, she was able to continue her studies at Princeton University. Keep dreams alive with $55. 
40. Nine year-old Mary was struggling with reading and spelling.  With help from United Way’s community partner, Choice for All, Mary received one-on-one tutoring and monthly assessments. Just $55 can get more students can get back on track academically.
41. Gabe told himself that he would never join a gang. Unfortunately, he was vulnerable and ended up making bad choices.  Determined for a better life, Gabe enrolled in YouthBuild and later worked for United Way of Long Island. Help students like Gabe get off the street and lead them towards a bright career. 
42. Families benefit from the FamilyWize Discount Prescription program, which allows everyone - uninsured or insured - to receive their prescriptions at an affordable price. It can lower the cost of medicine by an average of 40%. With your contribution, families throughout Long Island can continue to stay healthy in a way that they can afford. 
43. Thanks to United Way’s Community Partner, Developmental Disabilities Institute, Michael was able to successfully learn in the mainstream education program of his local school district and found a passion for running.  Michael was recognized as the first American with Autism to run under a 4-minute mile.  With your contribution, we can continue to help Long Islanders with developmental disabilities succeed academically and grow into a financially stable adult. 
44. Help those who protect our country. Mission United provides funding for mental health services, case management and job training to military veterans and their families. Make civilian life easier for a veteran by contributing $55 today.
45. Denise’s home was severely damaged in a fire, leaving her family in a dire financial situation. Helping to relieve some of the financial burden, Project Warmth provided her and her family with home heating assistance. Now, Denise can focus on her work and family life without concern over the warmth and safety of her home. 
46. United Way of Long Island recently built a state-of-the-art, healthy Smart Home in East Patchogue. $55 lets us continue to build energy efficient homes that benefit the environment and allow a veteran family or people with special needs to live in a home with almost no energy bills. 
47. The ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Report measures the population of working but financially struggling households on Long Island.  With your contribution, United Way of Long Island will continue to help those who fall into the ALICE category and connect these people with the support systems they need.  
48. Career-focused Tahjaray discovered her true potential in YouthBuild, which helped her build the confidence needed to succeed as a nursing student, a career path that will provide stability for her family and her future. 
49. La’Kasha has the opportunity to build her career, and bring forth the strength needed to improve the quality of life for her and her children… thanks to YouthBuild Long Island. Help make career goals come true with $55. 
50. As a child, Eric watched his father struggle with addiction and incarceration. Despite this hardship, he immersed himself into his education and community. Because of assistance from the Anthony J. Stupore Memorial Scholarship, Eric attends Fordham University and is determined to reach his goal of becoming a public servant.  
51. Christopher refuses to let his childhood adversity distract him from his goals. Leading a plethora of community activities throughout high school, Christopher rans drives for blood, clothing and toys. Today, he attends SUNY Geneseo and is studying Business & Economics, thanks to the Anthony J. Stupore Memorial Scholarship. Give the gift of education with $55. 
52. Leslie is attending Suffolk Community College’s Surgical Technology Program. She is the first person in her family to attend college in due part to the Camilla G. Belser Memorial Scholarship. A gift of $55 helps ensure that ambitious Long Islanders can achieve higher education.
53. Richard, U.S. Air Force veteran of 33 years, uses his entrepreneurial spirit to drive him towards success in the real-estate industry. Alongside his wife, the VetsBuild program taught the couple necessary knowledge needed to turn their business dreams into reality. 
54. When US Navy Veteran Oswaldo lost his job, he had no way to support his wife and teenage children. His loss of income made life stressful for everyone in his household. United Way’s VetsBuild helped Oswaldo get back on a career track and his family get back on their feet. 
55. Nia often worries about her future because of her mother’s mental illness. Forced to move out of the house at a young age, due to financial burden on her grandparents, life was difficult for Nia. United Way’s community partner Walkabout, helped her learn the importance of education, how to drive and how dress in the workplace. For the first time in her life, Nia was shown compassion, attention, and strength. 
56. Lashawnda of Freeport lives in with her husband, her 103 year old mother-in-law and her seven year old grandson. They were struggling financially due to the pandemic, despite being a two-income household. Through Project Warmth she received assistance to heat her home and keep her family safe.

57. Vicente of Bay Shore is a US National Guard, veteran and senior in need of help during the pandemic. Through Safe at Home for Seniors he received an emergency gift card for food and assistance in scheduling his COVID-19 vaccine.