Seven Years Later

Together, we can help create healthy, safe homes for both families for the holidays.

Help Bosede

At 65 years old, Bosede, a hard-working Freeport resident, never expected that she would have to be concerned about paying her mortgage or taking care of her house. But in 2012 everything changed when Super Storm Sandy destroyed her residence, as a result she moved from place to place for the next seven years.
On November 2, 2019 Bosede finally returned home.
Two years ago United Way of Long Island learned of Bosede’s circumstance, just as she was in jeopardy of losing her home. Not only did the storm damage cause disruption in her life, but to further complicate her situation she was dealing with contractor fraud, putting her in danger of debt and the inability to pay her mortgage. Deepening her hardship were stalls in her case when applying with NY State Rising. Knowing that Bosede was in dire need of help, United Way worked to help her successfully reinstate her loan and rebuild her home. 

This is just the beginning... Bosede will have a sturdy exterior, and an interior-ready kitchen, living room and bedroom. Help is still needed to complete this home. While she finally will have a permanent roof over her head, she will need appliances, furniture, window treatment and all of the furnishings that makes a house a home.

Please help Bosede in her time of need with a contribution

Help Freddy

Freddy, of Island Park, is a U.S. veteran who is disabled…he is dealing with challenges that no one deserves, especially someone who has served our country. His home severely damaged by Super Storm Sandy followed by contractor fraud, has no proper insulation or heating. It is essential for United Way to take immediate action. The cost to install the proper heating equipment is $15,000. 
We need your help to keep Freddy safe and warm with a contribution.
Bosede and Freddy are just two of the 1200 families affected by Super Storm Sandy that United Way of Long Island has been able to help thanks to the Robin Hood Foundation. United Way of Long Island remains active in its advocacy to help people return home.

United Way of Long Island is grateful for the generous investment the Robin Hood Foundation has made to respond to the needs of financially fragile families across the region who have been impacted by Super Storm Sandy. Grant support has provided needed assistance for hundreds of lower-income and working class families helping them to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives by replacing home contents, home appliances and repairing homes through construction activities.