Brookhaven Lab Captains Present the 'Big Check' for Their Most Recent Campaign for United Way of Long Island

$164,324. That's how much staff at Brookhaven Lab raised for their neighbors in need during the most recent campaign for the United Way of Long Island, which ended earlier this year. The Lab's campaign captains and other participants gathered with Chair David Manning of the Stakeholder & Community Relations Office and Co-chairs Roy Lebel and Joyce Fortunato of the Quality Management Office on June 29 to recognize this effort with United Way of Long Island President & CEO Theresa Regnante and account executive Donna Horoski.

Since January, contributions from the Lab's most recent campaign have been helping provide assistance for children with autism, veterans with PTSD, families who can't afford groceries, and many others across Long Island. These contributions continue the Lab's longstanding tradition of helping its neighbors through the United Way of Long Island. The Lab is one of the largest supporters of the United Way of Long Island.

"At Brookhaven Lab, we work to address big challenges, from energy and national security to uncovering clues about the origins of the universe. We're proud to team with United Way of Long Island to help people across Long Island overcome challenges they face every day," said Brookhaven Lab Director Doon Gibbs. "On behalf of those who our contributions will benefit, I thank everyone who joined us in working to make Long Island a better place for our neighbors."

United Way of Long Island President & CEO Theresa Regnante said, "Our mission is to better the lives of Long Islanders, helping our veterans as well as the oldest and youngest among us. Collectively, Brookhaven Science 

Associates employees at Brookhaven Lab are among our largest contributors, and their generosity is critical in helping United Way and our more than 100 community partners continue our efforts in offering crucial support and services."

Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA), the company that manages Brookhaven Lab for the Department of Energy, provided $10,000 to the campaign.

"Critically, formal pledges from members of the Lab community, including retirees, provided more than 80 percent of the amount raised," said Campaign Chair David Manning. "Just as importantly, more than 500 of our staff members pulled together for the community, showing support at the carwash, pie and candle sales, gift wrapping, a local vendor gift shop, luncheons, and pet photo contest. Even more staff members attended the holiday auction.

"The United Way of Long Island assisted 300,000 people on the island—one of every 10 people on the Island—in 2015 through its network of more than 100 community partners," Manning continued. "Significantly, the United Way allowed our generous Laboratory community to partner with leading companies, community organizations, and individuals who make Long Island strong. Standing together with our fellow community leaders, we are assuring a better future for the Laboratory and our neighbors who support us."