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1st New York City MarathonRonnie, Team Mission United runner for veterans
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Ronnie is grateful to be on United Way of Long Island’s Team Mission United, raising funds for veterans and those affected by COVID-19 in her community. 

In 2020, the New York City Marathon was cancelled due to the pandemic. Despite this, Ronnie remained committed to fundraising for her community during their time of need; she also participated in the 2020 virtual run hosted by United Way. This year, she’s ready to continue representing Team Mission United when she races at her first New York City Marathon. 

However, Ronnie is still committed to her primary goal of fundraising for neighbors in need. “I’m not one to start something and not finish. I want to show my daughter that it’s never too late to achieve major life goals.”

Ronnie feels particularly fortunate to have not been affected more severely by the current crisis. When she was dealing with the difficult aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, she found much unity and kindness within her community. “Being a recipient was overwhelming and humbling.” As a result, her Team Mission United fundraising campaign is an act of gratitude and recognition of the good in her community. 

She says, “It’s easy to forget about issues when you’re not in it.” In partnership with United Way of Long Island, Ronnie wants to ensure we don’t forget the plight of both those affected by the pandemic, as well as the sacrifices made by our veterans. “You might not know how to help, but United Way knows how to mobilize these efforts.”

With many friends and family members who have returned from the military, Ronnie is aware of the struggle and sacrifice that comes with their service. “Veterans are often a forgotten group. They can’t be forgotten, especially those who are in the midst of struggling.” 

We are grateful for Ronnie’s dedication to this cause. 

Ronnie has reached her goal of raising $3000..congratulations and thank you!

Ronnie's words of motivation for fellow Long Islanders:

“Never give up hope. There are always people who want to give.”

“Dig deep within your heart if you’ve been lucky throughout this. Any amount helps, don’t think it’s too little.”button

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