Team Mission United: Jen

JenJen, Team Mission United Runner for veterans

2nd New York City Marathon
Teacher, Kings Park Central School District

As a dedicated member of Team Mission United, Jen, who has already exceeded her fundraising efforts, will be participating not only in the virtual run hosted by United Way of Long Island in 2020, but also in the New York City Marathon set for 2021. Funds raised will support members of the Long Island community, including veterans and those most affected by the health crisis. 

With the aftermath of the COVID-19 onset, Jen has faced her own share of complications throughout this time as her family faced a frightening period when her husband battled the illness himself. Personally affected by the pandemic, Jen knew first-hand how disruptive this health and economic crisis can be on families. Her situation was challenging, but she was very lucky as it was not dire; she recognized that thousands of Long Islanders were at rock bottom…so she and her daughter reached out to United Way to help in any way that they could. 

Jen joined Team Mission United to raise funds, and her daughter volunteered for the not-for-profit to help get gift cards into the hands of those who needed assistance. Jen feels fortunate for her circumstances and the strengthened bond in her family despite the difficulties of this time. 

Along with dealing with the health crisis, her commitment to raising funds is also an expression of her gratitude for the veterans of Long Island, as her father served in Vietnam. Jen has always felt particularly supportive of the military. “There is nothing more noble, especially as a young person, than to serve your country. They should be taken care of… veterans should have 100% support forever.” 

With all the disappointments caused by the current circumstances, Jen’s commitment to recognizing the members of her community in need is definitely inspiring.


Jen's words of motivation for fellow Long Islanders:Support Jen

“I know people want to be heard, not forgotten. Know that your hardships are not forgotten.”

“Other people are there for you. Even donating money, if they know how to help, they will.”