Team Mission United: Alma


29th New York City Marathon
Elementary School PrincipalAlma, Team Mission United runner for veterans

After joining Team Mission United in 2019, Alma is returning this year to support veterans plus those most impacted by COVID-19. The postponement of the New York City Marathon, due to the pandemic, means that this November Alma will participate in the New York Road Runners’ Run for the Medal, a virtual marathon, and will complete her 29th New York City Marathon in 2021.  

Alma looks forward to completing the 26.2 miles for the virtual run entirely on her own terms, as she usually trains independently. While she is disappointed by the absence of certain parts of the marathon experience, such as the crowds, Alma’s willingness to run comes from her outlook on strength and perseverance, “Finishing a marathon means that I can get through other challenges in life.” 

With this perspective, Alma views the chance to support veterans through running as an apt way to express her gratitude. “A marathon is a matter of resilience. It’s the same for veterans. Veterans have challenges they didn’t ask for, but they find a way to survive.” 

Last year, the support Alma received from her school community was extremely heartwarming. This year, the effects of COVID-19 have changed the environment of her workplace in many ways. Though having to adjust to a new work life has not deterred Alma from meeting her fundraising goals.

“My district is a high-needs community and people are facing a lack of resources.” As a result, the decision for Team Mission United to extend its funds this year to people most heavily impacted by COVID-19 was a welcome addition for Alma. 

“[Money] should go to everyone who needs it, those who don’t have the means to get it. I’m just so glad to contribute.” 

With her compassion for the Long Island community, we are fortunate to have this educator on our team once again. 


Alma's words of motivation for fellow Long Islanders:Support Alma

“We’re going to get through - there’s no question!” 

“We are going to have to pay a price. We don’t have control over that. You might not want to keep going, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”