Michelle Finds Financial Security

Michelle reached out to United Way of Long Island's Family Prosperity Center through a partner agency for assistance with financial responsibility. Her living situation was changing, and she was unsure about how to find new housing. After meeting with a financial counselor, Michelle was able to write down a monthly budget and break down her income vs. expenses. Her current rent was covered by the partner agency; however she would only be receiving this assistance for a specific period of time and wanted to make sure she would be able to pay her new rent when she it became her responsibility.

After working with the financial counselor and putting together a monthly budget, it was discovered that she would be able save an average of $1,500 a month. This meant that while she is still receiving assistance with her rent payment, she would potentially be able to save approximately $18,000 over the next year and a half. These savings will help Michelle feel financially secure, knowing she can afford life's basic necessities like rent payments, transportation and food. After the history of hard times that this client faced, Michelle is well on her way to a bright and independent future.