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1 Olympic-distance triathlon completed
2 Triathlons Completed

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Michael is running in his father’s footsteps as a member of Team Mission United. 
Michael’s father - Ben Colarossi - was an avid marathon runner and first ran the NYC Marathon back in the 1980s. Michael is one of eight kids (2 girls / 6 boys) and grew up on Long Island. One of his father’s bucket list wishes was to witness one of his children running a marathon. Michael had promised his dad that one day he would run the marathon but kept pushing it off. Unfortunately, his dad passed away in June 2019. As painful as the loss of his dad has been, it inspired Michael to finally make good on his promise to run the big race. His father always had a passion for helping the underdog, served in the marines and was always very supportive of the veterans on Long Island. As such, United Way and the veterans have always held a special place in his dad's heart. Michael’s brother David is also running in the NYC marathon so this will be a special day for both of them!
While physically active, 2-time triathlete Michael has yet to tackle the 26.2 mile running journey.
Now, the time is opportune. With the recent passing of his father, running the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon is not only a significant way to honor his dad, but also a meaningful way to honor those who served our country. 
Michael is running to raise funds for Long Island veterans. He notes that too often we forget about our veterans and move on with our everyday lives… and this is unacceptable. Running with Team Mission United is “a way to do a very small part to give back to the silent majority who may not have a voice. Together we can be a small voice to let people know that veterans have needs that aren’t being met. The funds raised will help meet those needs.”
On November 3rd, Michael is looking forward to feeling the energy of the crowd and completing his first marathon. The occasion will be a family affair, as Michael’s brother will also be running the marathon; Michael’s wife, son and daughter will cheer them on. Together they will cross the finish line in their father’s memory.
Michael’s Runner's Tip: 
“Breathe through your nose, out through your mouth”
Michael’s Words of Motivation:  
“Be on the court participating, not on the sidelines. Life is not a spectator sport.” 
Michael’s thoughts on running:  
“Just jump in.”