Riders Grateful to Everyone Rides NICE

Everyone Rides NICE will be available beginning April 28, 2021.

United Way of Long Island and Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE bus) partnered to provide low- and moderate-income Nassau County families and individuals with emergency transportation assistance for bus fares.

Everyone Rides NICE provides free Metrocards for use on NICE buses to help eligible riders travel to and from school, work, and facilities that offer medical care and other essential needs. Potential recipients will apply for transportation assistance through local social service agencies that are community partners of United Way of Long Island, in addition to schools and medical care providers.  

Nassau Community College

“I moved to Freeport from France eight years ago, and I come to Nassau Community College to study to become a doctor. My mom just had a baby, and it was difficult for her to drive me to school and take care of my baby sister. I felt guilty needing her help. I wanted to take the bus, but sometimes financially, because I’m a student, it was a struggle. When I heard about the Everyone Rides NICE Program I was really excited. I thought it was a rumor because it was too good to be true! Now I can get to school with no problems, I don’t have to ask my mom to wake up and get the baby in the car, and everyone is happier. “ – Clefton Jean, Freeport, Nassau Community College student

“As a single mother of three children, I don’t have help from anyone else. These passes from Everyone Rides NICE helps me tremendously, helping me create a better future for me and my kids. These passes make it easier for me to succeed in reaching my goals for the future of becoming a radiologist, and to become what I want to become, and not feel that I’m behind held back by anything.” – Denise, Bethpage, Nassau Community College student


“I take the bus Monday through Friday from my house to get to the train station so I can get to work in the city. If I had to take a cab to the train, it would make it impossible for me to work this job, I couldn’t afford it. I wouldn’t be able to work if I wasn’t able to take the bus, I’d have to walk a good half hour. Being able to get the Everyone Rides NICE passes helps a great deal. I’m trying to save money to move to a better apartment, and every little bit of savings that I can get helps. I’m very, very grateful for the passes I’ve received, and I hope they continue the program to help other people who need help like I do.” – Raymond Beck, Roosevelt

Long Island Council of Churches

“I use the Everyone Rides NICE passes to get to my doctor appointments…I go to physical therapy for my lower back, counseling, a psychiatrist, and a foot doctor. I go to physical therapy three times a week, and counseling services every two weeks – it comes out to be about seven or eight appointments a month. These passes are a tremendous help to me because I can get to my doctors on time and I don’t have to worry about the extra money it takes to get there and take care of my health. – Tanya, Freeport

Social worker

“At HempsteadWorks, we’ve given out about 2,500 passes to our clients. People have been really, really grateful. These passes help them get to all the necessary places in their lives, including job interviews, getting to work, medical appointments, school…it’s really made a huge impact.” – Yvonne, coordinator of career and training services at HempsteadWorks