Scholarships Application

How did you hear about the Scholarship Program?
For Undergraduate (Graduating High School Seniors)
Are you a first generation college student?
Are you currently employed?
Parent(s) or Guardian Information
Additional Parent or Guardian Information (if applicable)
Required Materials
Please provide the following documents:

2 letters of recommendation
School  transcript
Student resume
Copy of income tax (blackout SS number)

Essay: Answer 1 of the following questions.
  1. What challenges have you had to overcome to achieve your goals and pursue your education? How did you overcome those challenges and what did you learn about your own unique leadership capabilities? How will you apply the lessons learned to help you achieve your future goals?
  2. Statement of Financial Need: Describe why you need financial  assistance. How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?
  3. Describe an event, achievement or experience that has had a strong  nfluence on your life using one of the DREAMS acronyms   (Determination, Realization, Enrichment, Academics, Mission or Service) as a focal point

Upload requirements

By clicking the submit button below I attest that all of the information provided in this application is complete, factually correct and honestly presented. I understand that if any of the information is found to be false, this may result in disqualification or forfeiture of the scholarship award. I understand that it is my responsibility to submit appropriate bills to United Way of Long Island for payment that will be made directly to the appropriate academic institution or vendor.

I understand that my submission of this form attests to the above, and I agree to adhere to these terms. If the applicant is under the age of 18 years old, an additional signature of a parent or guardian is required. Please provide signature with material submissions, if applicable.


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