Opportunity Youth Career Exploration and Access Project

The Opportunity Youth Career Exploration and Access project provides 100 high school students ages 14 to 17 from Brentwood, Central Islip, North Bellport and Wyandanch communities with the opportunity to improve their academic and career prospects as well as prepare for college.

Students develop communication skills, learn about attitude in the workplace and how to dress for success. Support systems and guidance are accessible to all students.

During the program, students earn the National Work Readiness Credential, which recognizes that they have the skills needed to add value in entry-level work positions. Students explore career opportunities through guest speakers, career personality assessments and more.

Participating students complete a paid internship, with a local community-based organization, that matches their individual interests. By participating in an internship, students gain meaningful work experience and training from a young age, which allows them to enter the workforce with a major advantage.

Sample internship positions include:

  • Office Assistant
  • Classroom Aide
  • Camp Counselor 
  • Food Pantry Assistant
  • Special Events
  • Community Outreach
What Opportunity Youth Students Are Saying:
“I learned  things that you could do at a job that are reasonable like how to talk to your boss or how to deal with a situation with an unsatisfied customer.” -Jordan
“I learned a lot…  What is helpful in the workplace, the skills that you need, problem solving.” -Adam
“Getting a job is not as hard as I thought it would be. I was really intimidated by the fact that I had to have a resume and experience. As long as I put in effort I can succeed.” -Kanya
“We made resumes, we took different tests to see where we are [academically], then we had [guest speakers] come in to talk to us.” -Mariah
“Through this program I learned a lot about places that hire and what opportunities are out there.” -Louis


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This program is made possible through the New York State Department of Labor.