United Way of Long Island's First Geo-Thermal Residential Home

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United Way of Long Island recently completed it’s first Geo-Thermal residential construction in Medford. This group home is for veterans who are homeless and is operated by the Association of Mental Health and Wellness. It is a high performance home that uses geothermal energy from the earth to help cool and heat the house by using a water source heat pump with a loop drilled into the earth.

The project was a collaboration between NYSERDA, National Grid and United Way to explore the possibility of drilling community loops, meaning neighboring homes connect to the loop for energy where natural gas is not available. The equipment along with the geothermal loop and the installation, was donated by NYSERDA and National Grid.

United Way’s Healthy Homes Long Island initiative works to build and retrofit homes that promote the well-being of those living inside by using sustainable materials that do not deteriorate or cause chronic health concerns, and educates homeowners on small fixes that could make a large difference on the effect their home is having on their health.

Learn more about United Way of Long Island's Healthy Homes. Details of this award winning home, including floor plans, photos and energy ratings can be viewed on the DOE Tour of Zero.

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