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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
The Anthony J. Stupore Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to provide a pathway to success for students who have shown a passion for giving back to their community, and demonstrated a commitment to excelling in academics. Kierra is a 2016 graduate of Valley Stream South High School. She served as President of the Class of 2016, an AP Scholar with Distinction and is a talented athlete. With a weighted average of 101.63, she was ranked 7th in her class of 205 students and ranked in the top percentile on her SATs. As an active member of numerous clubs and extracurricular activities including... Read more
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Josephine is many things – a woman, a mother, and a domestic violence survivor. One thing she is not, is a statistic. "I'm just happy to be alive, that I'm not a statistic, because I do know that a couple women in Nassau County lost their lives. I could have been one of them," she reflects. Born and raised in Nassau County, Josephine became involved with a man who was her best friend. He later turned into the father of her third child and consequently, her abuser. When her son was born, she made the heart-breaking choice to put him up for adoption for his own protection due to the constant... Read more
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Meet Ashley, a resident of Wyandanch, 2015 graduate of United Way of Long Island’s YouthBuild Long Island, and current union-trained carpenter. Although she is living a successful and self-reliant life today, her life has not always been so bright. At the age of 14, Ashley dropped out of school and soon after ended up in a juvenile facility for troubled teens. A series of bad choices led to her spending three years and eight months in detention. While in the system, she often thought of how her life could be better, and how to make those dreams a reality. She knew that she was better than the... Read more
Thursday, March 9, 2017
My name is Freddie and I am a proud 2013 graduate from United Way of Long Island’s YouthBuild program.  I was born and raised in Washington Heights, my parents are from the Dominican Republic and my home life was always chaotic - especially with three older siblings. I had the privilege of attending Brandeis High School on the Upper West Side but did not recognize the advantage this would have given me in life. After only five months, I was kicked out and told that someone who wanted the opportunity to learn would better fill my spot.  At the time I did not mind. I was lazy, never wanted to... Read more
Thursday, January 12, 2017
Below are two inspiring letters from young people who were helped by our partner agency Adelante of Suffolk County, Inc:  "My name is Estefani. I am a senior student at Central Islip Senior High School. I would have never imaged being in the positioned I am today. Six years ago, I migrated to the United States and came to live with my parents for the first time. The fact that I did not speak any English seemed an astronomical obstacle to overcome. However, my parents' sacrifice gave me the fuel to one day have a better future and be able to attend college. I love being part of the National... Read more
Friday, December 9, 2016
At only 36 years old, it seems that Englebert has already lived many different lifetimes. His favorite is the one he is living now – holding a steady, and exciting job as a Solar Installation Professional at EmPower Solar. Englebert’s parents came to Long Island from Haiti, working 12-hour shift days leaving him to be the man of the house, responsible for his own wellbeing as well as his younger sister. It was difficult for the siblings to have a normal childhood as they were typically left with household responsibilities and no money for clothes or equipment for after school activities. Upon... Read more
Thursday, December 8, 2016
Read the inspiring story of Alana and her family:   My husband and I met when we were 16 years old. We chose to enlist in the Army when we turned 18. I served for 8 years as military police and he as an armored crewman for 3 ½ years. We have two children, a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl.   After discharge, we returned home to Las Vegas but found ourselves struggling. Most of our family had moved out of state and the quality of education was poor. Since my mother lives on Long Island, in September of 2014 we decided to move to New York in hopes of a better education for our kids and... Read more
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Before the first United Way ALICE report, ALICE was a population and a community issue without a name or face. The release of this study offered a new way to accurately quantify these households and to talk about the challenges that they face, just like Richelle of Long Island.  Richelle, a wife and mother of three was struggling to pay her bills on time and keep the house warm during the frigid winter months. She and her husband had both fallen on hard times, severely impacting their income and ability to keep up with household expenses. Despite Richelle and her husband both working full-... Read more
Thursday, October 20, 2016
  My name is Nia and my life matters. I am the only child of a teenage mother who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. During my childhood I felt depressed, worthless, misunderstood and ashamed; I had thoughts of suicide. I thought that suicide would bring me peace and that my absence would take the burden off my family.  I didn't have many friends going up because my mother separated me from my peers. I saw my mother being mistreated because of her condition and constantly worried about a future for my mother and me. I knew what my dad looked like, however he was never a... Read more
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
October 2-8 is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Week. Below is an example of the many Long Islanders our partner agencies in the mental health field are making an impact on every day.  "NG" is a 15-year-old boy referred to United Way of Long Island partner agency Youth and Family Counseling Agency of Oyster Bay (YFCA) by his school social worker at the age of 11. He had been acting out in school, had very few, if any, friends, and was frequently the subject of ridicule by his peers. He reportered that he felt bullied by other children. Upon admission, he exhibited signs and symptoms of... Read more