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United Way of Long Island and Suffolk County Landbank Partner to Build Zero Energy Home in East Patchogue

Available for Sale to First-Time Homebuyers - OPEN HOUSE JUNE 1st 12-3pm

United Way of Long Island has partnered with the Suffolk County Landbank to transform a formerly abandoned structure into a state-of-the-art, healthy Smart Home for sale to the public.

United Way’s work is pivotal in changing the landscape of home design and construction. For 20 years, the organization has built nearly 100 homes in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Within the past five years, the organization has tailored its focus to build high-performing, energy-efficient homes – addressing the need for healthy and attainable housing on Long Island.

Currently the organization has 12 projects underway, each certified as a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) “Zero Energy Ready Home”. These residential projects are a demonstration to the public and construction community that high quality homes can built with the moderate income-earner in mind, especially young professionals, who are seeking to remain on Long Island and stay within their budget.

The latest project, located at 23 Furman Avenue in East Patchogue leverages advanced technology for superior energy efficiency and performance. The house is just one of United Way’s state-of-the-art homes that generates little to no energy bills, and even has an electrical vehicle charging station in the driveway.

This home is a prime example of collaboration and addressing middle class needs. Long Island can be a challenging place to make ends meet financially, particularly for working families who do not have access to government programs due to their income being above the poverty threshold. 23 Furman Avenue demonstrates that homes can be built with sustainable materials, capitalize on solar energy and smart technologies, and remain affordable to maintain, all while attractive to the eye.

This project is a continuation of the partnership between United Way of Long Island and Suffolk County Landbank. “Suffolk County is proud to partner with United Way of Long Island to rehabilitate zombie homes and fight blight across our communities,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. “With this latest project, we have put this property back to productive use, which will not only add value to the entire neighborhood, but will provide a first-time homebuyer with the opportunity to purchase a new energy efficient home.”

This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is Energy Star, Indoor airPLUS and WaterSense certified by the EPA. The house provides a continuous flow of purified air, includes superior insulation and windows, uses non-toxic materials and utilizes the principles of Universal Design, which allows residents to age in place safely. The electricity, heating and cooling systems are run entirely from solar energy and are controlled with SmartTechnology resulting in the lowest possible operating costs. Occupants living in a Zero Energy Ready Home could save up to $9,000 annually in electric and heating utility costs, as compared to a home that uses traditional energy sources.

“With over 300,000 struggling working families on Long Island, it is our responsibility to provide solutions for our region, and to step up and work together to create opportunities for increased financial stability. The money saved on yearly utilities helps families, living in homes like 23 Furman Avenue, afford life’s expenses such as medical bills and food. We hope that building Zero Energy Ready Homes will assist in keeping the middle class and young professionals on Long Island,” explains Theresa A. Regnante, President & CEO of United Way of Long Island.             

Rick Wertheim, Senior Vice President of Housing and Green Initiatives at United Way of Long Island elaborates, “For most families on Long Island a home is their biggest investment. This type of home costs less to live in per month, has durability and resiliency with almost no maintenance costs, provides superior indoor air quality and comfort, and has all the advanced technologies that homes of the future have today.”

Samuel Rashkin, Chief Architect for U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office, said “Zero Energy Ready Homes like those constructed by United Way are the home of the future because they live, work, and last better with incredibly low or no energy costs. And what’s exciting for American homebuyers, they are available today thanks to leading builders across the country.”

23 Furman Avenue is on the market with a list price of $375,000 to first-time homeowners who have the ability to qualify for a mortgage and meet income qualifications. The future homeowner should expect minimal to zero utility bills beginning on move-in date. Interested buyers should contact United Way of Long Island at (848) 221-9653.

OPEN HOUSE: Join us for the first showing and Open House June 1, 2019, from 12-3pm.

In partnership with Suffolk County Landbank, United Way of Long Island is excited to share our new construction residential home for sale in East Patchogue. This energy efficient home is the way of the future for Long Island working families. View the property and purchase requirements at

For more information contact Melissa Luckman at United Way at or (848) 221-9653.

Photo Caption: Exterior view of 23 Furman Avenue, a high-performing energy efficient home, in East Patchogue, NY. The new construction was built by United Way of Long Island in partnership with the Suffolk County Landbank and is currently for sale to first-time homebuyers.