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Students Path to Success

Below are two inspiring letters from young people who were helped by our partner agency Adelante of Suffolk County, Inc: 

"My name is Estefani. I am a senior student at Central Islip Senior High School. I would have never imaged being in the positioned I am today. Six years ago, I migrated to the United States and came to live with my parents for the first time. The fact that I did not speak any English seemed an astronomical obstacle to overcome. However, my parents' sacrifice gave me the fuel to one day have a better future and be able to attend college. I love being part of the National Honor Society becuase it allows me to communicate with other students that want to be future members. As one of the editors of the Newspaper club, I always endeavor to recruit more Hispanic students. It is a great opportunity to show America that Hispanics can also accomplish successful things. Now that I am going to college I am very grateful to Adelante because Rocio, one of its employees, helped me a lot though the college application process. I will be a first generation college student. I was not informed of a lot of things and Rocio was always there for me. She guided me through the right path. In addition, she also helped me with my resume and scholarships. Having her help has been such an amazing blessing. Thank you Adelante, especially Rocio. "

"My name is Johanne, when I came to the USA in September of 2012, I was heartbroken because I moved away from almost everything that I know and love. Even though this experience has challenged me in many ways, I continue to study hard and try to put my best effort academically, attaining a GPA of 96.50 as a senior. Also, while participating in school activities and volunteer work. In addition, I ahve met many amazing teachers, counselors, students and friends that have supported me and have made me feel like I am at home. Rocio, from Adelante, have been helping me in my experience as a senior in Central Islip High School. She encouraged me to continue making the best decisions and work hard. Thanks to her help, and the help of my teachers, I was awarded with many scholarships. I am so glad to have the opportunity of meeting her in this important phase of my life."

About Adelante of Suffolk County, Inc.
In 1966, a group of local Hispanic citizens realized a need for a stronger cultural presence. Adelante of Suffolk County, Inc. was born. What began as a social organization quickly grew into what Adelante has become teoday: an active providor of vital services to community seniors, youth and persons with special needs.