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For Second Year in a Row, GEICO Pledges $2 Million in Support of United Way of Long Island and Local Non-Profits

For the second year in a row, GEICO’s Woodbury associates have pledged $1,000,000 to United Way of Long Island and other nonprofit agencies through their payroll deduction giving campaign.

Pledges by GEICO associates are bolstered by a 100 percent matching gift through the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, bringing the grand total to $2,000,000 raised in support of agencies who offer critical services and programs to Long Islanders.

“The level of effort and personal commitment that our associates displayed in their pledge to help our community during this year’s campaign has been incredible,” said Rick Hoagland, GEICO’s regional vice president and United Way of Long Island board member. “Last year, we set the bar extremely high and reached an amount that we’ve never accomplished before. This year, we set out to continue that forward progress by matching 2016’s contributions. I am proud to announce that GEICO has exceeded 2016’s donation level. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our associates working to help change the lives of Long Islanders for the better.”

“GEICO and its associates continue to be one of United Way of Long Island’s largest contributors, setting an example for other companies to strive for in terms of their drive and passion for helping others,” added Theresa A. Regnante, President and CEO of United Way of Long Island. “As valued partners for more than 40 years, the number of lives they have touched by contributing to our Community Impact Fund is unmatched and we are grateful for their support that continues to grow to unprecedented heights.”

In addition to supporting the United Way of Long Island annual campaign through their associates and the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, GEICO also sponsors many other programs and events throughout the year, mainly United Way’s Mission United. Through the sporting of Mission United shirts, to volunteering at numerous fundraising events, associates play a large role in helping veterans and their families as they transition to civilian life.

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