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Samantha Maurice

If there’s one thing Samantha Maurice knows, it’s the power of perseverance. This elementary education teacher first picked up her running shoes in middle school and hasn’t put them down since. She ran cross country and track every year through college, aiming to complete her first marathon right after graduation. Now, as she joins Team Mission United, she’s ramping up her training to run her second marathon. 

Though getting to the finish line stands as no small task, Samantha can rely on her personal support system to push her through. Running by her side will be two longtime friends, Gina and Megan. The trio’s history dates back to their days together on the cross country team in high school. Since then, they have rejoined to race the Philadelphia Marathon in 2016. “We don’t do a ton of races together now because of our busy schedules,” Samantha said. “So when we register for a marathon, we know that at least for this one day we will get to be together and do something amazing.” Racing together provides the perfect opportunity to not only reconnect but also cheer each other on.  

The group trains together, relying on one another to get through the most difficult days in preparation for the TCS NYC Marathon. “It’s so much easier to have someone doing the same thing as you – especially when they have the same experience. They really help motivate you,” Samantha shared. Getting through the thick of it doesn’t seem nearly as impossible when you have a few familiar faces right alongside you. 

Running has always been a team effort for these three friends, so when the opportunity to join Team Mission United came about, they didn’t give it a second thought. The decision to run for Mission United provides them with the chance to not only compete in one of the world’s premier marathons, but also to make their miles more worthwhile. 

"The Long Island Insurance Community is proud to sponsor Samantha as she undertakes the challenge of completing the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon this November," said Maria ThomasCo-Chair of Long Island Insurance Community. "We were thrilled when Megan suggested that Samantha and Gina join her on Team Mission United – the three of them have really hit the ground running when it comes to raising awareness for this important cause leading up to the race later this year." 

By racing on behalf of Mission United, Samantha and her friends will provide support for programs geared towards assisting veterans and their families as they readjust to civilian life. “I think it’s a great cause for people who have committed themselves to something so difficult. Running the marathon to support them and raise awareness is the least I can do,” Samantha said. This awareness can help effect change in the lives of some of the over 100,000 veterans located on Long Island through initiatives such as career training and emergency financial aid.  

The incentive of helping such an important cause, along with the encouragement of her own friends gives Samantha plenty of reason to believe that November will bring nothing but success. It won’t be long before she and her friends take the five boroughs by storm.