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New York State Department of Labor Awards $100,000 Training Grant

United Way of Long Island is the recipient of a $100,000 training grant from the New York State Department of Labor. This award is a part of the $98.3 million in state aid that was announced on December 10, 2015 by Governor Cuomo for economic and community development on Long Island, which has been awarded through Round V of the Regional Economic Development Council.

This grant provides essential resources needed to create upward mobility for special populations. Over one year, the grant will provide green construction training for 20 low-income individuals. The training will incorporate a BPI curriculum, which is an innovative training syllabus that provides a gateway from high school or community college to the energy efficiency building and construction trades industry. The curriculum is designed to effectively convey building science, green building, weatherization, energy auditing and green jobs information that is critical to the new generation of green collar workforce on Long Island.

Through these grants, Governor Cuomo’s is helping Long Island promote regional growth in key industries. With a goal of generating sustainable and well-paying jobs, the plan aims to stimulate the region’s manufacturing sector and revitalize some of the area’s poorest communities. Drawing on the region’s resources, the programs creating jobs, new homes and new businesses will help revitalize the area and stimulate economic growth.

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