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Mission United Success Stories

Your Dollars Impacting Our Veterans

United Way of Long Island's Mission United initiative supports programs that serve Long Island's veterans and their families in the areas of case management and emergency financial assistance.

An Army veteran, suffering from PTSD and substance abuse, experienced episodes of homelessness following discharge after multiple tours of duty in a combat zone.  The Association for Mental Health and Wellness provided case management services, got him into substance abuse treatment, helped him enroll in college and provided financial aid for textbooks. 

A Marine returned from deployment, secured employment and was supporting his family.  Following a relapse in PTSD symptoms and a lengthy hospital stay, he lost both his job and the family's housing.  Upon release from the hospital, the veteran received rent assistance from Family Service League to secure new housing so he could reintegrate into his family. 

An Army veteran struggled with depression and had attempted suicide several times.  The Mental Health Association of Nassau County connected him to supportive counseling and his situation stabilized.  After 2 ½ years of unemployment, the program helped him to find full time employment and to pursue his goal of enrolling in a local college.

Following discharge, a Navy veteran was unemployed and in need of housing.  United Veterans Beacon House provided the veteran with resume writing and employment search services.  They also connected him to a program that provided rental aid to move into a new apartment.  The veteran secured employment and has already received a promotion. 

United Way's Military Family Assistance Project continues to serve our Long Island veteran families. From January-June 2015, the project has already assisted 75 additional military families with emergency needs.