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Emmanuel Acho Visits United Way of Long Island

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United Way of Long Island played host to Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker and former NY Giants team member and social media sensation Emmanuel Acho today. Acho spoke with heart and inspiration to our YouthBuild Long Island students, along with our staff, and volunteers.

He also joined us in launching YouthBuild’s “Switching Gears” Program funded by the Island Outreach Foundation. This car ownership program is offered to eligible YouthBuild graduates who meet a specific criteria and work with YouthBuild staff to lay out a long term plan to care for the car physically and financially. Acho presented the program’s first participant with the keys to her car.

*After a high school junior from Virginia, asked Acho via Instagram if he would go to prom with her if she received over 2,000 retweets. He then raised the stakes to 10,000 and within a few hours, Hannah surpassed that number with ease. Faithful to keeping his word, he then made a surprise visit to her school to meet her and make the commitment official.

 Hear some of the inspriational words Emmanuel Acho had for our YouthBuild Students

YouthBuild Long Island "Thank you for motivating me to do better and make better choices. What inspired me the most is that you never gave up or lost hope." - Nala Rodriguez, Bellport, NY
YouthBuild Long Island "Thank you Emmanuel Acho for taking the time out to come and speak to us!" - Shawn Gonzalez, Brightwaters, NY
YouthBuild Long Island "I appreciate your motivational talk, you inspired me to continue doing good in my life." - Tim Robbins, Huntington Station, NY
YouthBuild Long Island "Thank you for inspiring YouthBuild! The experience was kind of heart pounding but most of all it was awesome!" - Johnny Arriaza, Central Islip, NY
YouthBuild Long Island "Thank you Emmanuel for giving us your time to come in and give us such inspirational words of encouragement." - Daryl Beecham, Huntington Station, NY
YouthBuild Long Island "Thank you Emmanuel for keeping it cool. I appreciate that you were humble and really happy to be with us. Especially when you took selfies with YouthBuild." - Joshua Watkins, Huntington Station, NY
  "I want to think Emmanuel Acho for taking time to come to YouthBuild, He gave some positive and inspirational words like not giving up on my dreams. I really appreciated your positive impact on our lives." - Nikeya Jordan, Brentwood, NY



 "You gave me motivation to do what I have to do so I can become successful. I'm starting to give up a lot of the negative things in my life for the positive things. You really inspired me to continue to do the right things." - Kamell Edwards, Central Islip, NY