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Timothy Hill Children's Ranch Students Strive for Success


Steve, 18 years old
“I grew up in a normal family. I really can’t blame circumstances or hardship or mistreatment for my actions and my situation. I wanted to be somebody. I saw that people who cheated and stole got things I wanted. The music I listen to promotes all that. So I did it. My dad is a pastor at a church, the church I grew up in. I robbed a store with another guy, and got caught. I shamed my family. Now that I’m at the Ranch, I’m proud to say that I am changing. I’m doing well here and regret what I did to get here. When I leave I will succeed and make my dad proud again. I’m blessed to be here.”

Emily, 17 years old
“When I was sent to the Ranch, I was like ‘no way, I’m not staying here for one night’. Not because it wasn’t nice, or the people weren’t nice, but because at that time I wasn’t going to be anyone’s project. I knew that I needed a place to live, and I couldn’t stay at my house anymore, it was unsafe and I didn’t know when I’d be hit next. But I couldn’t be told what to do or where to be or how to do anything. I was an angry person. I still have a lot of anger, but I’m learning to control it and change direction. I used to fight, now I talk, or write out my feelings. I also never thought I’d finish high school. I didn’t even want to, didn’t care. But the Ranch made me be in school to my dismay, and now I’m graduating in June!”. I am proud of myself. I love the Ranch and my people here and don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t here right now. Thank you for being there for me.”

Over the 34 years of open doors at Timothy Hill Children's Ranch, they’ve had a number of residents come to them and, after finishing the program, proving themselves through integrity, honesty, work ethic, and maturity, have come onboard the team as staff members. They currently employ two young men who successfully graduated their programs and are outstanding leaders on campus: 

Justin, 21 years old
“I grew up in and out of foster homes. When you bounce around and don’t seem to fit with any family, you eventually get sent to a group home. After a few of them, I ended up at Timothy Hill where I finally felt like a found a home. And I have. After 3 years here, this is my family. I’m honored to be on staff now and love my job. I feel like I can be a real example to the younger residents, as they all know I was once one of them. But they know they can’t fool me, I already know all the tricks (laughs). My favorite part of the job is hanging with the boys and playing ball. We’re on the court a lot and it’s a great escape for them and me, to work hard, and play hard. I love this place and love working for the Ranch now. Thank you.”

Lary, 21 years old
“My parents weren’t around for me when I was young so I lived in foster homes. I got bounced around the system mostly because of abuse at those foster homes. I know the boys who come to this place. They are me. We are all very similar, same stories, same situations, slight differences. I know how they feel, why they can be angry, sad, act out. I know why they are here. I feel like this gives me a special perspective as a staff member. I’m a crew leader 5 days a week working with four to five guys a day on different maintenance projects, landscaping, or snow shoveling all winter. And I’ve recently taken the position of a care taker at one of our Right Path houses and have five boys who’ve come from jail living with me. I love what I do and know that this is my opportunity to give back. The Ranch gave me a second chance and a new life, and now I can do that for the guys I work with."

About Timothy Hill Children's Ranch
Timothy Hill Residential Centers provide a safe house for at-risk young people to restore their lives and discover hope for their futures in a loving, faith-based family-like center. With group homes and transitional housing for teens and young adults, Timothy Hill Residential Centers are a safe haven for young people facing abuse, abandonment, homelessness, incarceration and other crises.