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Here's to a Healthy Summer - This Not That!

Healthy Summer Eating

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families - Bridging the Gap between Good Nutrition and Healthy Families

With all of the barbeques, parties and vacations during the summer months, making healthy choices at mealtime can be difficult. Here are some tips to help keep you on track when it comes to food and drinks!  

  • Keep hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Take advantage of fresh fruit and vegetables this summer, 2 servings each day is just right for you!
  • Eat as much as 5-7 servings from the grain food group! This includes any food that is made from wheat, rice, oats, or another grain product.
  • Lean meats like chicken and low-fat beef are healthy for you! You can even go for fish or eggs as another source of protein instead of meat.
  • Sugary sweets can be tough to avoid during the summertime, do your best to not eat too much of them!


Healthy Kids, Healthy Families

United Way of Long Island is proud to partner with The Nature's Bounty Foundation, a world leader in health and wellness. The Healthy Kids, Healthy Families initiative aims to enrich the lives of families by promoting wellness through nutrition, education and healthy living.