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A Family Members Persistence Helps Others

Joseph’s wife Helen is living with progressive MS and uses a wheelchair. Some years ago, as a devoted husband, Joseph began attending a support group offered by the National MS Society -Long Island Chapter. He quickly became a dedicated and regular member.

As time moved on the group was no longer able to continue to meet due to a turnover in volunteer leadership which caused membership to dwindle. Joseph, who saw the value of the group both for himself and Helen, stepped forward to ask how he could help.

Joseph participated in training offered by the National MS Society and has been the well-respected support group leader for over two years. In addition, Joseph and his wife are co-captains of one of the Chapter's largest WalkMS teams.  They both embrace newly diagnosed individuals, and their family members, to join their team each year.

Joseph and Helen are beloved members of the Society. They take the time to meet with members and volunteers to not only share their story but to learn about the journeys other members are making as they live their best life.

Due to Joseph’s persistence in maintaining and growing the support group, many other families can continue to share their stories and assist each other.

About the  National MS Society – Long Island Chapter

The National MS Society helps each person affected by MS in our area address the challenges of living with MS. We help by raising funds for cutting-edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education and providing programs and services that empower people with MS and their families to move their lives forward.

Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to achieving a world free of MS. Through our chapter’s support services and educational programs for people living with MS and their families and friends, we help connect people in our local communities who want to do something about MS now.

  • We offer many programs — including professional counseling and peer facilitated support groups, educational programs and seminars, referrals to neurologists and healthcare professionals, national teleconferences and internet programs, services for the homebound, and social and recreational programs to assist people with MS and their families in leading productive and fulfilling lives.
  • Our community support helps to fund our local programs and accelerate worldwide research projects to ensure no opportunity is wasted. Generosity can come from anywhere. We are thankful to our members and their friends, corporate partners and the general public who help us raise the money to move us closer to a world free of MS.