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A New Sense of Security for a Maureen’s Haven Client

James became homeless after his mother passed away. He lived in a tent in the woods that he pitched. After three years of living outside, James turned to Maureen’s Haven for warmth and safety during the winter months.

For two years James took advantage of the winter shelter program but always returned to the woods as soon as the weather warmed up.

As James trust in Maureen’s Haven staff grew he decided to sit down with a case manager to discuss supportive housing options that could lead to permanent shelter.

A little over a year ago James moved into permanent housing where he is doing very well. The relationship between James and Maureen’s Haven continues though. James still utilizes Day Center services to make sure he can remain both healthy and self-sufficient.

About Maureen’s Haven

Maureen’s Haven provides shelter, support and compassionate services to homeless adults on the East End of Long Island.