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Westbury Community School Program 2013 Sandwich Making Event

Westbury Community Schools Sandwich Making Events

For the past two years, students of the Westbury Community School as part of their annual community service project, make sandwiches for donation to the Mary Brennan Inn, a food pantry located in Hempstead, New York. The Mary Brennan Inn is a member of the Interfaith Nutrition Network, a network of over 19 soup kitchens serving hungry and homeless Long Islanders.

Last year, the students made 564 sandwiches and this year, their goal was to double their 2012 total. On Tuesday, January 29th, 92 Westbury Community School students made 1000 sandwiches for donation to the Mary Brennan Inn. The 7th and 8th graders who are now experts at the “sandwich making assembly line” along with the novice 6th graders completed the project in 40 minutes. The work was divided into several sections and students self-selected their respective jobs. There was opening and sorting bread, opening cheese packages (those individually wrapped cheese slices are difficult when you have over 2000) and then the sandwich makers, the baggers and of course, the sandwich counters….
The eighth graders, the seniors of the school served as the project foremen as they went from group to group to ensure project completion, neatness and that students, weren’t slacking off. Although there were some 6th graders that were tempted to eat the sandwiches - only one was seen actually eating a sandwich – he ate the bread ends though (we didn’t use them for the sandwich making).

Upon delivery of the sandwiches to the Mary Brennan Inn, the food pantry intake supervisor, Ellen, remarked what an awesome job the students did – the volunteers and staff at the Inn were truly thankful and were impressed that the children helped others who they didn’t even know. Most of the kitchen staff came out to help and said that this was one of their largest deliveries of sandwiches made…..and that they were truly grateful.

The Inn actually called me later to indicate that over half the cheese sandwiches were actually distributed to the over 400 people they served at lunch today. The cheese sandwiches were a welcome change for the recipients, they stated, as they typically receive peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They mentioned again how truly grateful they were and that the children were awesome……

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