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Drew Brees Helps Long Beach Residents


Long Beach, NY – New Orleans Saint Quaterback, Drew Brees, his wife Brittany and their Brees Dream Foundation have provided a $200,000 grant to United Way of Long Island to support residential rebuilding efforts across the region for families still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. Brees was inspired by the outpouring of generosity from Long Islanders after Hurricane Katrina flooded the City of New Orleans and was happy to return the kindness during Long Island’s time of need. “My wife Brittany and I are very proud to have the opportunity to assist the City of Long Beach as part of our Brees Dream Foundation’s commitment to Superstorm Sandy recovery,” said Brees.

The Brees Dream Foundation grant has rebuilt 20 homes in the City of Long Beach. One of these homes belongs to Madeline Benegas who was identified by a disaster case manager employed by FEGS Health & Human Services, a United Way partner agency. Madeline cares for her parents, two children and brother who was left paralyzed after a severe auto accident. As a result of Superstorm Sandy, Madeline’s home took in more than six feet of floodwater to the basement, and two feet of floodwater to the first floor. Hurricane force winds caused irreparable damage to the roof, requiring a complete replacement.

Thanks to the funds from the Brees Dream Foundation, United Way of Long Island was able to provide a wide range of repair and rebuild services to the Benegas home including a new roof, gutters and leaders. Sheetrock and insulation was also replaced in the storm damaged areas of the home. “I’m extremely grateful for the assistance my family received from United Way of Long Island,” said Madeline. “None of this would be possible without your help.”

“Many Long Island families continue to be challenged by the sheer scale of this devastating storm, which has required further investment to make certain that needs are met," said United Way of Long Island President & CEO Theresa Regnante. "We needed a Saint, and we are very grateful for the Saint from New Orleans who came to our aid. Thanks to our friends at United Way of Southeast Louisiana, United Way Worldwide and the good will of the Brees Dream Foundation, this grant has helped families with urgent needs to get back on their feet and come back stronger and more resilient than ever."

“The city of Long Beach was one of the hardest hit communities on Long Island” said Jack Schnirman, Long Beach City Manager. “We would like to thank Drew Brees and United Way of Long Island for assisting Long Beach families as they continue to recover from Superstorm Sandy.”

For families who are still experiencing hardship caused by Superstorm Sandy, please call 2-1-1 Long Island for a referral to a Disaster Case Management agency or other disaster recovery resources available on Long Island. Dial 2-1-1 or 1-888-774-7633 Monday - Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm – 4 pm.