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New Empire Group Sends Volunteers to Assist Point Lookout Victim of Hurricane Sandy.

Company Joins Growing Number of Organizations Sending Staff to United Way of Long Island Operation Rebuild and Recovery Projects

New Emprire Group Volunteers


Deer Park, July 9th, 2013.  As Operation Rebuild and Recovery continues, an increasing number of companies are answering the call and sending staff to devastated homes in towns such as Long Beach, Point Lookout, Freeport and Mastic Beach. On June 14th, 2013, New Empire Group, an insurance organization based in Long Beach, sent 20 people to a home badly damaged by the storm to remove damaged materials from the home and help prepare the home for rebuild. Working side by side with team leaders from Americorps, St. Louis, the volunteer staff of New Empire Group donned safety gear and performed a “muck-out” of a devastated residence so severely damaged, the home has been uninhabitable since the storm hit.

“Many of our employees along with myself have been directly affected by Superstorm Sandy. The destruction of our homes and businesses has been devastating. To see that almost eight months after Sandy we still have homes and businesses that are unoccupied, or worse, occupied without the proper remediation is heartbreaking. As an organization we felt the need to give back to our community. It was a few hours of what some of employees might refer to as “hard labor” but one of the most rewarding few hours we have ever spent. I highly recommend that anyone who has a few hours to spare contact United Way of Long Island Operation Rebuild and Recovery for opportunities available to assist those less fortunate,” said Deborah K. MacKoul, President of New Empire Group.