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Long Islanders Save More Than $833,000 In Prescription Costs Through FamilyWize Program

United Way of Long Island’s FamilyWize prescription drug discount initiative has saved Long Islanders more than $833,000 since its inception three years ago. 

United Way of Long Island was recently recognized with the 2011 Community Partnership Award from FamilyWize for coordinating distribution of prescription discount cards to health care providers and consumers.

FamilyWize is available to Long Islanders with limited or no health insurance or who are in need of medications not covered by their insurance plan. The FamilyWize program and can lower the cost of medicine by an average of 35%.

“The goal of this program is to improve access to health care and help people get the medicine they need to remain healthy,” said Theresa Regnante, United Way of Long Island’s President and CEO.  “What is nice about this program is its convenience.  It’s easy for the consumer to access because there is no paperwork, income or other eligibility requirements or fee.

The individual simply needs to give the card to the pharmacy when paying for their prescriptions.  If they lose their discount card, they can pick up another one.”

The FamilyWize prescription discount card is FREE and covers all family members. It is accepted at most chain pharmacies and those located within supermarkets. FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards are available through United Way of Long Island at