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Bank of America Gives $100k Grant to United Way to Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Deer Park, NY, May 9, 2013- Bank of America, known nationwide for its philanthropic support of charitable causes, and locally as one of the area's most generous non-profit supporters has given United Way of Long Island a $100,000 grant to aid local victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"The United Way of Long Island has provided residents with critical support for the last five decades, and they were incredibly responsive to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy," said Bob Isaksen, Long Island President, Bank of America. "They remain an invaluable resource as the community continues to recover."
"Bank of America reached out to us right after the storm to see how they could help," said Theresa Regnante, President and CEO of United Way of Long Island. "At the time, United Way of Long Island was experiencing a significant increase in the number of families seeking aid. Bank of America recognized that funding was needed in order to increase our capacity to help victims and the result is this incredible gift to Long Island. On behalf of the more than 100,000 people whose homes were damaged by the storm, United Way of Long Island appreciates the generosity of Bank of America with an incredible sense of gratitude."

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy compelled United Way of Long Island to form Operation Rebuild and Recovery, now underway. To learn more about Operation Rebuild and Recovery, please follow this link.