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Michael Bingold

When it comes to burning rubber, Michael Bingold –Executive Vice President, Director of Distribution and Client Development at Flushing Bank – knows how to put the sole to the pavement. A runner of fifteen years, Bingold has completed his fair share of races, including the Long Island and Entenmanns half marathons, many corporate challenges and the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon.

Given his extensive experience, it comes as no surprise that Bingold was approached by the Chair of United Way of Long Island’s Board of Directors, Senior Executive Vice President & COO at Flushing Bank Maria Grasso, to run on behalf of Team Mission United. “My father was a proud U.S. Navy veteran, so Mission United is a cause that is extremely important to me,” said Grasso. “I wanted the runners representing Flushing Bank to be as passionate about helping veterans as I am, and Michael is a great choice. I know he will make us all proud.”

For Bingold, Team Mission United could not have been more of a perfect fit. Having previously worked for a company that supported United Way, he has been contributing to his workplace campaign for thirty years. From these interactions, Bingold came to appreciate the wide array of services offered by United Way. Now, he shared, the efforts of United Way’s Mission United have especially caught his attention.

“During the last ten to twelve years – with what’s going on in the world – honoring and supporting our military after they’ve served has become increasingly important,” he said. With programs aimed at providing veterans services such as emergency financial aid and career training, Mission United works to accomplish this very goal.

Additionally, running for Team Mission United has given Bingold the motivation to get through training. He shared that, while embarking on the four-to-five month process, “Having a cause behind you where you don’t want to give up helps me get through. You can’t just drop out and let the cause down.” Mission United will provide Bingold with the drive he needs to burn through over five hundred miles of training before November rolls around.

When the time does come for Bingold to cross the TCS NYC Marathon finish line for a second time, he intends to do so no-holds-barred. “Last year I was nervous because it was my first full marathon, and it’s incredibly more difficult than the halfs,” he admitted. “But this year, I’m excited because I know I can do it.” There is no doubt that with Bingold’s experience and dedication this year will be another victory for both him and Team Mission United.