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Albert Redmond

When Albert Redmond decided to become a devout daily runner five years ago, he did so without holding back. Now, even a pre-sunrise run at 3:30 a.m. doesn’t faze this business banker, who covers an impressive 2,500 miles a year. “It doesn’t feel right if I don’t run for a day. It gives me time to myself – time to collect my thoughts,” Albert said. His commitment has taken him all the way to the TCS NYC Marathon twice before, and now, as he joins Team Mission United, it will lead him through the five boroughs for a third time.

After running the past two marathons independently, Albert decided it was time for a change of strategy. “I would watch the different teams while I was out there and see their comradery over having a common cause. That motivated me to join a team and enhance the experience even more,” he explained. His decision led him to Team Mission United.

"Capital One is a long-time supporter of United Way of Long Island, and we are thrilled to have Albert representing us on Team Mission United,” said Sharon Braun, Human Resources Director at Capital One. "Our employees volunteer for a number of activities throughout the year, but I have to say that taking on the TCS New York City Marathon is the most ambitious volunteer activity taken on in our history with the organization. We look forward to cheering Albert on come November.”

Joining Team Mission United allows Albert to run not only as part of a team, but also for a cause for which he cares deeply. Albert knows all too well the reality faced by veterans when they return from service, as both his grandfathers were involved in the war effort. One, William Redmond, worked for Allison Transmission and the Navy to ensure the quality of turbine engines installed in fighter planes. The other, Albert Morucci served in the infantry as a forward scout, which led him to the beaches of Normandy. He was wounded by a gunshot, later receiving a bronze star and Purple Heart for his efforts. He said of the latter, “Throughout my childhood, my mother said he was cold. I connected with him, but we never fully understood him.” Albert saw firsthand the difficulties with which his grandfather struggled upon his return to civilian life. “Hearing his stories hit home for me. I just wish that he had been able to express himself and have someone to talk to and help him get acclimated to civilian life,” he continued. Such experiences influenced Albert’s commitment to assisting veterans in any way that he could.

In addition to his grandfathers, Albert’s sister, Colleen Redmond, also served in the Army for five years. Since then, she has become a strong advocate for programs supporting veterans, continuing her service as a civilian with the DoD Office of Inspector. Currently, she supports the Department of Justice. Following in her footsteps, Albert will raise money for such programs as he runs on behalf of Mission United.

Mission United’s initiative aims to provide services including career training, connection to peer counseling and emergency financial aid for veterans and their families. These services assist some of the over 100,000 veterans currently residing on Long Island – a large population that is often overlooked. “You see veterans across the country and know they live near military bases, but you don’t realize how many live right here at home. They need as many resources as

possible,” Albert said. He personally recognizes the importance of these resources, as they will aid those just like his grandfather and sister.

As for Albert’s mother, she couldn’t be happier that he has chosen to run for a cause that hits so close to home. “My mother was so excited when I told her I was running for Team Mission United and supporting veterans. I told her I thought about her father and how proud he would be that we’re giving back to the veteran community,” he shared. With his mother’s stamp of approval, Team Mission United seems to be the perfect fit for Albert. Mission United can count on his support to help bring the team to victory come this November.