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Hurricane Sandy - Three Years Later


Immediately after the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, United Way of Long Island launched Operation Recovery & Rebuild to support the recovery work of local nonprofits, foster community-wide coordinated response and build resiliency through social cohesion and collaboration in the hardest-hit coastal Long Island neighborhoods.

Long Island was the largest New York State residential population in Sandy’s path (2.8 million total residents). 95,534 homes were damaged -- and in some cases, totally lost (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

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Hundreds of donors from Long Island and from across the country contributed to Operation Recovery & Rebuild, with a significant grant of $2.5 million from the Robinhood Foundation. Additionally, the American Red Cross directed $1.35 million to assist Sandy-impacted families, and the Brees Dream Foundation directed $200,000 for rebuilding efforts.

  • $7.142 million in combined support and grants have been deployed to support community-based collaboratives, nonprofit organizations and impacted families. The resources have fueled recovery and rebuilding efforts across Long Island. 100% of the contributions have been directed to help communities & families.
  • 1,100+ families received emergency assistance to attain temporary housing and purchase urgently needed items such as food, heating, clothing, emergency construction needs, financial counseling, and other essentials to attain stability.
  • 2,000+ families received disaster case management, housing assistance, social services and counseling.
  • 202 home rebuild projects were completed across Long Island to assist low-income disaster-affected households.  
  • 427 disaster-affected households received construction case management services to assist with: home repair projects, mold remediation, heating system installations, the supply of materials, equipment, tools, contractors, securing construction repair bids, understanding financing/renovation costs, scope of work, government approvals for construction work, permitting, inspections and navigating the overwhelming rebuilding process.
  • The disaster and construction case managers leveraged $932,183 in other funding sources for Sandy households.  This dollar amount includes the Unmet Needs Roundtable, New York Rising and United Way of Long Island Programs.
  • Partnered with 650+ volunteers from organized labor, the corporate sector, nonprofit agencies and local government to distribute supplies and muck-out homes.
  • Direct support to 25+ Long Island-based nonprofits.
  • A key communication portal with up-to-date information for people in need of disaster assistance.
  • 2-1-1 received 11,000+ Sandy-related calls, helping those affected by the disaster to find shelter, food stations, volunteer referrals and donation information.