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Income/Financial Stability


On Long Island, an estimated 165,000 people live below the federal poverty level. Thousands of families and individuals are struggling to make ends meet, and are facing financial hardship.

Together, United Way and its community partners work to respond to people in crisis, create opportunity for individuals and families to access and maintain housing, assist military families in need and ensure financial stability that leads to long-term success.

United Way of Long Island Initiatives in Education

YouthBuild Long Island is a free program that provides low-income young adults ages 18 to 24 with hands on training for Housing, Education, Job Readiness/Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Training, Career Development, Leadership Development, Counseling and Graduate Services. Students have hands on training with the latest equipment and technology at our E3 Career Training Center in Deer Park.

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Project Warmth is Long Island’s only non-governmental emergency fuel fund which provides one-time grants to oil and utility companies on behalf of residents facing heating emergencies. Through a network of partner agencies, struggling Long Island families can apply to Project Warmth and receive information on other local resources to help them address greater financial stability.
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Military & Veterans Initiatives: New York has the most consecutive National Guard activations in the country. Military personnel are forced to leave their families behind, overwhelmed by fewer resources and myriad other personal stresses. When discharged, they return home faced with physical, emotional and financial struggles as they transition back into civilian employment.Learn more about how United Way of Long Island is helping returning veterans and their families.
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EFSP: The federally-funded Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) provides assistance for food, utilities and shelter to individuals and families in emergency situations who meet the federal eligibility guidelines. United Way of Long Island administers the program for the Long Island region.
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Long Island Prosperity Center Funded by Citi: Through the generous support of Citi, United Way of Long Island has established the Long Island Prosperity Center funded by Citi. The program brings together partner agencies including Family Service League to respond to low-to-moderate income people in crisis, provide opportunities for the newly unemployed or underemployed to explore resources, and promote financial stability that leads to long-term success.
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Housing Initiatives: United Way of Long Island spearheads housing initiatives that address the needs of residential and special needs populations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
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