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The Family Prosperity Center of Long Island


Thousands of Long Island families and individuals are struggling to make ends meet and are facing financial hardship.

  • A frail, elderly homeowner chooses between buying food and paying for medicine every month.
  • A young, single mother cannot afford school supplies or clothing for her children.
  • A recently unemployed father, needs financial counseling to do more with less.

In many low-to-moderate income communities, as many as one-third of residents do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs.  They are at risk of hunger and homelessness.  They cannot save for college, a home or retirement and never achieve true financial independence.


Through the generous support of Citi Foundation, United Way of Long Island has established the Family Prosperity Center of Long Island. At no cost, the program brings together partner agencies to respond to low-to-moderate income people in crisis, provide opportunities for the newly unemployed or underemployed to explore resources, and ensure financial stability that leads to long-term success.

The project provides bilingual financial education in both one-on-one counseling and workshop series formats to help families get on the road to economic independence.  Money management services include a range of financial topics such as budgeting, credit repair, home buyer education, establishing savings, paying down debt, managing bank accounts, avoiding foreclosure, FAFSA applications, and saving for emergencies. Through participation in the program individuals can set financial goals and build or protect assets, such as saving money to purchase a home, starting a business, saving for college and retirement.

The Family Prosperity Center team is available to provide group workshops, 1 – 2 hours in length, at locations across Long Island.  These workshops can be tailored for clients and employees with moderate incomes at nonprofit agencies and corporations.  Evening and weekends are available.

Become a Financial Literacy Volunteer

Part of strengthening communities across Long Island involves the generous time and assistance of financial literacy volunteers to help families move from economic hardship to prosperity. As a professional volunteer with the Family Prosperity Center, you will:

  • Utilize your career and financial skills to assist families in need to make sound financial decisions as a means to deal with debt reduction and saving.
  • Provide helpful tools to individuals and families so they can successfully make the transition to financial stability.
  • Help increase the capacity of agencies to deliver financial coaching directly to families with complex financial situations who are looking to build their skills to better manage their money and make informed financial decisions.


To register for a workshop or to find out more information contact Kathleen Hocker at United Way of Long Island  631-940-3754