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Meenan Oil Project Warmth Truck

Delivery of Vital Home Heating Fuel Services

Energy poverty is a situation created when unforeseen financial difficulties prevent families from paying their utility bills. United Way of Long Island activates its Project Warmth team to reach out to local suppliers to help those who are having challenges keeping their home heated in the winter.

One of our partner suppliers, Meenan Oil Co. will be delivering more than oil to our Long Island neighborhoods. In an effort to raise awareness of Project Warmth, Meenan Oil Co. has wrapped one of its vehicles with a message that will serve as a reminder that there are resources available for those who need help heating their home.

Elena Zazzara, General Manager of Meenan Oil Company says “Project Warmth is  a program that is important to help residents get through the winter months.  As a concerned partner, it is our responsibility to help spread the word about this program across Long Island.”